Roses are red

Violets are blue

Our friendship is crazy

And so are you.


Orchids are white

Ghost ones are rare

The night’s dark, like my soul,

And so is your hair.


As magnolia grows,

 Its white diamond buds  shimmer.

Night clouds shiver

At the gleam in your eyes.


Sunflowers reach 

Up to the midnight sky

High as can be,

Where devils spy.


Foxes weave through hedges,

Surrounding the farm,

The plants full of thorns,

Just like your arms.


Daisies are pretty.

Neriums have style.

Darkness scares me

And so does your smile.


The night is beautiful,

And may never end,

Just like you,

My ghoul friend.

This poem is dedicated to a dear friend of Drew’s.

Drew Wood ’24 is a first year at Sweet Briar.